Friday, September 16, 2011

Senior Thesis 2011-2012

I'm going to force myself to use this blog to document the process and various stages of my senior thesis at Otis College of Art and Design. Today marks the third week and I have established my project as well as written up a production schedule I hope to successfully follow.

A little bit about my thesis... my junior year of high school I discovered and fell in love with a band who called themselves Ludo. Their songs were unlike any I had ever heard previously; their ability to weave together whimsical stories of love, heartbreak, war, and destruction was so captivating and inspirational to me. To this day, they continue to be a major source of creative inspiration. For all that they have given me throughout the years, I thought it appropriate to dedicate my thesis to this band who has been there through some of my most creative years.

"Broken Bride" is a rock opera concept album Ludo released in 2005. It is a series of five songs that each make up one part of an entire, cohesive story detailing the adventures of a man who travels throughout time to bring his deceased lover back to life. Considering my main area of interest is concept art, I will be choosing characters, creatures, environments, and props from the songs to bring to life in a visual form. For the first few weeks I will be feverishly sketching out all of my ideas for the various subjects, which will then move forward into becoming finished paintings. All of this I will post and document here as I find it really rewarding to look back on what I have done and how far I have progressed on self-driven projects.

Here's to a successful and creative senior year! And finally...

Andrew Volpe and Tim Convy from the Ludo concert I went to over the summer. :)

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